Two Day Weekend Workshop
In the Myth of the Garden of Eden reside the elements of how we descended from Paradise. Understanding the
elements and symbols of this story allows us to find the way back to that inner place where Heaven and Earth meet.

We will journey back to the garden by working with the sacred feminine, by connecting with mother earth, by working
with the heart chakra, by healing and receiving two powerful Activations: The Birth Rite Activation that connect us to our
divine nature and  the Earth Rite Activation that reincorporates "Eve" the Divine Feminine back into our soul being.

This is a powerful workshop for both men and women or couples. We will shift and release structures that no longer
serve us creating space for manifesting abundance, perfect health and a path toward Oneness.
If you would like to host a group session at your community center or church please call us at 603-581-2251.
You will learn how to heal yourself and others by working with:

  • Fire:  The great alchemist. Learn how to clear and purify your luminous field and help create wellness in your
    physical and mental bodies.
  • Sound: Tap into your personal sound. Use sound to remove blockages and raise consciousness. Experience
    profound and sacred chanting allowing yourself to connect and remember who you are.
  • Self Love Meditation:  Loving our lower selves allows us to climb the tree of life and connect to our higher
  • Earth:  Experience the un-conditional love of mother earth, Pachamama, by working with her elements.
  • Despacho:  A group offering ritual to Mother Earth, This ancient pre Incan ritual is still performed by the Inca
    elders in the Andes of Peru. We will set intentions to assist you weave your dreams into being.
  • Karpay Activation:  A sound healing session as well as two activations will be offered in order to reconnect
    the lost feminine into our beings allowing participants to re map their way back into the Sacred Garden.
You will learn how to work with fire, breath and intention to purify your luminous field and create a healthy body and

This process is done in sacred ceremony, the breathing technique focuses the attention on the Qosqo or second
chakra. Fire acts as a transmuter and  purifier burning past life and present karma.

Through this practice you should achieve opening your second chakra and experience within, the fire alchemy.
When the chakra opens the subtle energies of the fire will fill up your luminous energy field (LEF) transmuting any
dense energies residing in it. The subtle energies will unlock the meridians and will clear and open the
communication between the LEF, meridians and nervous system in the body.

One of the immediate benefits is that your physical body will realign accordingly to your cleared divine matrix, the LEF,
stimulating glands, optimizing hormone production, restoring light in the cells and DNA bringing balance, harmony
and wellbeing.

As a gift to all participants the Agnihotra Ancient Vedic Technique will be taught at the end of class. Please allow
yourself an extra hour for this free class. Please read our
Agnihotra and Homa Therapy  page for more
information on this practice.  
Maximum participants is 20, minimum 10.    All materials included

This is a two hour event. Participants lay on the floor on top of a comfortable yoga pad practicing a breathing
technique that helps energizing the spine, the chakras, meridians and neural centers in the brain. In a sacred space
the Shaman uses his voice, sounds and musical instruments to clear the chakras and luminous field, guiding the
participants into a journey that helps them connect to their inner self. By using sound the shaman looks for areas that
are out of balance and by founding resonance points and creating the sound frequencies needed, the healer  brings
alignment, harmony and symmetry to body, the mind-brain and the soul.
Divine Light is brought to the group filling up any empty spaces in the luminous field. There is prayer, blessings,
chanting. As a benefit everybody is uplifted to the frequencies of peace, calmness, unconditional love, connection to
our Divine Nature and to God
Maximum participants: 30 and minimum: 10.
Minimum participants: 15
Shamanic Way for Manifesting Abundance through personal transformation
by using the primordial energy of the 4 elements.
Manifesting Abundance is a comprehensive workshop spanning over a period of  4 classes with an option of 2 extra
classes. You will learn how to create and manifest abundance in your life by working with the elements of Fire, Water,
Earth and Air. We will study the Inca Way of bringing ourselves into alignment with the Earth and the Cosmos so that  
new realities can be created.  You will learn how to use your breath to build the necessary amount of energy that will
fuel your creation into manifestation.  Abundance is only possible through thought, positive emotions and
We will look for subconscious imprints, hidden agendas, thought patterns, mental habits and emotional behaviors that
are constantly acting against us sabotaging our capacity to manifest. We will  work energetically to dissolve these

Materials and concepts that will be covered:
The power of our word, affirmations and visualizations. Creating within the energetics of the 28 day Moon Cycle.
Working with our Qosqo quechua word for our second chakra, building our Inner Fire. Working with our third chakra,
the throne of our own personal power. We will examine the Law of Attraction, and the concepts of: The emotional
scale, contrast, spiritual escrow, the law of allowance and the new concept of the Vortex from the Abraham teachings.

  • To create an abundant life.
  • To connect with your personal power.
  • To be in control of your life.
  • To  shift your negative emotions into states of joy and gratitude.   
  • To eradicated the mental states of victim, hopeless and  helpless.
  • To be Happy, Healthy and Prosperous.