I have hosted several of Pierre's Sound Healing Workshops and know, based on participants' responses, that
profound healing occurs as a result of his work.  I've consulted with him on one client, and our co-therapies have
worked well.  His sessions with this client brought about change that would have taken many hours of "talk therapy" to
reach and unravel.  

Pierre is a man of integrity, authenticity, and skill, a true healer whose work is very important in these times.  

Anne Bewley, Harpwell Center, Psychotherapist, Ph.D.
Pierre is a wonderful giver/receiver of energy, confident yet humble. I was profoundly moved by Pierre’s prayers for his
“brothers and sisters”. As with many of us our desire to be recognized as powerful and successful sometimes
detracts from our commitment to help – our ego gets in the way. This was not my impression of Pierre, his dedication
and sincere desire to be of service offered a sense of safety…his songs and voice created a place or space of
healing. I participated in a Sound Healing Session 2 months ago and am still experiencing “aha” moments initiated
by Pierre’s sacred space. I have personally recommended Pierre and his healing practice to all my friends and family.
He walks with grace and emulates the wisdom of the tribe’s medicine man.

Marilyn Priest, Darmouth University
Recently, I attended a gathering at which Pierre Garreaud conducted a Sound and Light ritual. A lifelong awareness of
the importance of right relation between body and Spirit and years of energy work did not prepare me for the depth
and transformative power of Pierre’s healing talent.  

Based upon the profound experience I had that evening, I see Pierre as being in the front ranks of the vanguard of
those here to help us heal our bodies and souls and to achieve health and balance upon the Earth. I urge others to
avail themselves of his gifts.  

Claudia Moore, B. Div, MSW, Reiki Master
"Working with Pierre is an honor. He opened Sacred Space with a  reverence, humility and beauty which brought
tears to my eyes.

Then I journeyed through waves of sound to various life experiences, revisiting and releasing old wounds and painful
emotions, as well as opening into new experiences in another dimension. I emerged with a feeling of wonder and
awe, and with a new appreciation for my Being.  

This experience continues to work in me a week later as I write this."

J. Coleman, Psychotherapist, Ph.D
"During my work with Pierre, I felt masterfully held with the utmost respect and sensitivity. Pierre provides a truly
skilled and safe environment for intense and transformative work. I am deeply appreciative."

Elizabeth Fowler MD LLC
Spiritual Direction,
Leadership & Life Coaching
I have participated in Pierre's Sound Light Healer Group Session, the 2 Day Weekend Workshop 'Return to the
Sacred Garden', and have had a personal healing session with him.  

Amazing, amazing healer and an amazing person.  Gentle, gentle energy.  
I have difficulty finding the words expressing the gratitude I have for him in helping me continue on my journey.  He
opened pathways to my purpose and encouraged me to step onto them while keeping me safe within the Light.  

Karen Wing, Reiki Master, A Channel for Light & Love..............Augusta, Maine.
Pierre Garreaud is one of God's instruments of unconditional love. He brings healing through sound, words, and
pure LIGHT! Pierre is a messenger, a teacher, and a friend. His 2-day workshop is filled with knowledge and
wisdom which he has learned and shares with his students. Pierre teaches the shamanic ways of the natives of the
Amazon Forest of Peru.. Pierre is a humble servant and is instrumental in awakening the holy spirit within us all. If
you are seeking, trust and you will find answers with Pierre's help, on the wings of a condor!

Marcy Billings, ........................Ontario, Canada
Many thanks for the beautiful workshop and your talented way of sharing your knowledge as a healer. It has brought a
lot of enlightenment and joy in my whole being. Not only the learning  was amazing for me, but also the powerful
energy that has spread among the group. I must say that I hadn't felt so much unconditional love around me from a
group of people in a long time....
My spiritual learning from these two days has alleviate certain pains and sorrows in me. Just thinking about it brings
instant memories back, and make me feel those strong moments again. You are truly a loving and caring human
being. I am very grateful to have you come into my live. God bless you always.

Renee.......................... Ottawa, Canada