Going into the weekend retreat without expectations brought many gifts to my soul.  All of the ceremonies enhanced
enlightenment, clairvoyance, creativity and intuition.  Pierre you truly are a Shaman committed to your ancestry and
assisting others to move forward. Thanks so much and many blessings.

Dorothy A SPA Owner, Reiki Master,
Since participating in Pierre’s Return to the Sacred Garden and sound light healing workshop, I am aware that my life
is more directed by an inner knowing
that was not evident before. I trust my inner wisdom more and at those
feel a great sense of peace and empowerment. I found a deepening of connection with Mother Earth
and attend to caring for her sustainability on a daily basis.

The practice of  completing ceremony with rituals has anchored their gifts more profoundly within me. Pierre’s gifts of
sound healing are extremely valuable for living life in joyful celebration.

Kati, workshop participant....................Ottawa
Pierre thanks for blasting open my Crown Chakra. When you attuned my Crown and gave me the Birth Rite Activation  I
got a blast of indigo light –how great was that?
Right after your workshop I have been channeling mostly departed souls for my clients. Connecting with their Ancestors
have brought profound healing for them, -the words are just flowing freely-. Thank you.

We did a tremendous healing for this native land and its people. –  the Ancestors have sent to me several Algonquin,
and Mohawk natives  for deep healing. These Teachers are at work already and are they ever happy. Thanks

A Allemang..................Ottawa
Thank you Pierre for being our guide, teacher and my very first shaman experience.  As you mentioned, connecting with
all elements of Pachamama is where my heart lies.  Opening up to my voice and deeper sound was a healing gift and
continuation in my clearing process. I am grateful for this as it is not an easy thing to do in our societies.

I was able to expound on sound in my yoga classes and my students said it brought them more in the present moment.

C.Kirouac, Yoga Instructor............Ottawa
Pierre, we just met for the first time and you may not know how difficult it has been for me in my life to feel my emotions
and to cry, but during your workshop the tears flowed as I felt the love and magnificent energy that you brought in for
us.  I feel blessed to have been one of the ones that were meant to be there for the healing.
My life has been changed.  I have never met anyone who has been so truly and all heart.

AC, workshop participant.............Ottawa
He Came ..... He Sang  ...... He Healed!

Frank Sykes, Idaho Workshop
Huge Thank You for the wonderful, inspiring, cleansing weekend of sharing thoughts, emotions and energies.  It was
truly profound. I have done much work on myself over the years and lately, I’ve been feeling that there’s a lot more to be
done but I just didn’t have the means of accomplishing more.  I’ve felt disconnected and stuck in the mud of old
thoughts and patterns.  This weekend was the catalyst for opening to more abundance, positive thinking and clearing
out.  I know that there are bigger and better things coming my way.

The workshop was fun, very well put together, safe and inviting.  You saw inside each one of us and we all left with a gift
that was tailor-made just for us. I am incorporating some of the things that you taught into my Reiki practice. I did learn
great techniques that I can definitely use. Blessings!
Pam  Mailloux................. Reiki Healer