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Cusco is the Spanish word for the Quechua word Qosqo which means the “navel of the world”. The
Incan high priests, the Paqos, describe it as the second chakra or “ñagui“ of Pachamama, Mother Earth.

The power animals in the Andean Cosmology are the Sachamama - mother snake -, the jaguar, the
hummingbird and the condor. These power animals hold the essence of inner powers that we need to
source from through our daily lives.

The jaguar or puma has nothing to fear, he holds the power of courage and passion. The jaguar
archetype is the energy that we need for being passionate, courageous, for giving form to our creative
nature. Jaguar is the fire, the juices that carries us on to accomplish our creative projects.

For the Paqos, this jaguar power resides in the belly, our second chakra. That’s why the Incas built the
original City of Qosqo in the shape of the Puma, the Jaguar. The Incas held the power of fire and

During our tour we will visit many of the sacred sites built by the Incas such as Machu Picchu,
Ollantaytambo, Pisac and many others. All these sites were aligned and built in strategic locations that
followed the contour of our Milky Way Galaxy.

The locations chosen for these sacred sites were carefully selected by paqos that were able to feel and
detect the refined high frequency energy of Pachamama.The sites follow the “ceques” or energy grid
lines from the earth and in the case of Machu Pichu, The City of Light was built on a convergence of
ceques, creating a special energy vortex.

The Inca civilization left a conglomerate of places and buildings whose structures reveal a profound
knowledge of astronomy as well as an astonishing level of development in mathematics.
Sacred Tour to the Land of the Incas
With Peruvian Sound Healer Shaman
Pierre Garreaud & Janice Johnson

   Don Martin Pinedo Acuna,
El Condor, was born in the Andean
community of Paccopata, raised in Paruro
(Cuzco). He was the apprentice of the famous
Don Benito Corihuaman, under whom Don
Martin studied and received his Karpays, the
Inca's Light transmission of energy. After Don
Benito's death, Don Martin inherited his
mesa, his knowledge and wisdom.
El Condor is the keeper of the sacred Apu  
Pachatusan (where the Earth dances),the
main Apu of the city of Cuzco.  Don Martin
holds the  highest ranks in Andean
Shamanism as Alto Misayoc, practicing
Andean medicine for over 30 years.
Machu Picchu-April 2015
Payments in US Dollars
TOUR COST: $3,300

This tour is designed for all individuals interested in expanding their awareness and consciousness through
deep transformational inner work. This tour-workshop will offer participants the necessary tools to help them
access higher states of consciousness by using sacred sound, fire breathing, light yoga, movement, meditation
and sacred initiations.
Day 0 -Monday April 6
Travel day from your country to the city of Lima.
Most flights leaving the US  are red eye arriving
Lima's Airport in the early morning. If you need
extra time and want to spend a day or two in
Lima (not included) we can help coordinate
your stay. Please allow enough time for
connecting flights from the US or Canada.

Day 1 - Tuesday April 7  
Early morning arrival to Lima, at the Jorge
Chavez International Airport. Our shuttle service
will pick you up at the gate once you leave
customs with your luggage and will transfer you
to the Cosmopolitan City of Miraflores. We will
spend the day in the City of flowers, Miraflores.
City tour, beaches, restaurants and shops.

Great day to meet your fellow travelers and
getting to know them before departing for the
Andes. Accommodations at La Paz Apart Hotel
in Miraflores.

Day 2 - Wednesday April 8
Early departure to the City of Cuzco, the Capital
of the Inca Empire. Our Van Service will pick us
up at the Cuzco Airport and we'll travel to the
City of Cuzco to exchange money and drink
some soothing coca leaf tea that will help us
adjust to the altitude of the Andes.
In the afternoon we visit with shaman Don
Martin Pinedo, El Condor and his wonderful
family. A family of Shamans, Dona Maria his
wife and their children Dona Wilma and Don
Ceremony of Unan Ckaska
During our visit we will have a group initiation
and welcoming into the Inca Lineage of El
After our ceremony we will travel to our Retreat
Center in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Village
of Ollantaytambo.

Day 3 - Thursday April 9
Breakfast at our Resort.
Early contemplation of the grounds and
surrounding mountains. Personal moment to
connect deeply with personal intentions for this
sacred journey.
Soon after, we meet at the Yoga conference
room to talk about the "Unwinding of the Sacred
Spiral" and objectives of our tour.
Lunch on the way

Early departure to Moray with El Condor Don
Martin Pinedo for  a Mother Earth Ceremony.

During Ceremony we connect our first chakra to
the center of the Earth. We receive the
unconditional love and nurturing of Pachamama

After ceremony we return to our Retreat Center.

Coca leaf Group reading with Shaman.

Day 4 - Friday April 10
Breakfast at our Resort.
Early contemplation of the grounds and
surrounding mountains.
Light Yoga (optional).

Working with Sound -  The Unwinding Process -
with Janice Johnson and Pierre Garreaud.

Afternoon explorations of resort grounds -
personal inner reflections and integration of all
energy transmissions and Inca Karpays.

Personal Coca Leaf readings and private
healing sessions by the Shamans (not included)

Day 5 - Saturday April 11
Breakfast at our Resort.

Early morning visit to the sacred site of
Ollantaytambo, we will work with the temple of
the winds, elemental cleansing and
harmonizing ceremony.

Visit of the Temple of Pumamarca, the temple
of the Jaguar. Ceremony with Shaman, Karpays
to activate the Qosqo center -action center- by
calling the spirit of the Puma - Jaguar. This
activation will help us walk impeccably on the
Earth by leaving no shadow.

Dinner at the village of Ollantaytambo.

Return to our Retreat Center.

Day 6 - Sunday April 12
Breakfast at our Resort.
Early travel to the sacred site of Pisac.  During
the morning we will visit the sacred site of Pisac,
making a stop at the Temple of the Sun. We will
do Ceremony with a Shaman. In a  prayer
mandala called Despacho, the Inca Priest will
call in the Sun Light energies to bestow upon
everyone in the group the blessings to awaken
the inner seeds of wisdom of our becoming.

Prepare to receive this gift from Sun in your
solar plexus. This initiation will awaken your
inner power for acting with justice, balance and
righteousness, - non reactive way -.

Lunch in the way

Afternoon visit of Pisac's famous and colorful Art
Craft Market. We will also visit the Shaman's
Store to purchase some healing and energy
tools from the Andes. If time permits we'll
attempt to visit the local zoo.

Day 7 - Monday April 13
Breakfast at our Resort.
Early packing for Machu Picchu.
Easy morning to relax and integrate the many
ceremonies and Karpays received from the
Afternoon Ceremony with renown female
Shaman Dona Julia to help awaken the Munay
Sonco being the heart center and Munay its
expression of unconditional Love.
Late afternoon departure to Machu Picchu
Pueblo 'Aguas Calientes" or Machu Picchu Hot

Two hour Train Ride descending into the rain
forest as we snake  through the canyons on the
right side of the Vilcanota river.  We move from
dry high mountain weather into humid jungle
climate. The path of the Hummingbird.

We arrive at the pueblo and transfer to Gringo
Bills Hotel for the next 2 nights.

Day 8 - Tuesday April 14
Breakfast at our Hotel.

Early departure for Mandor Waterfall and
Gardens. We walk into the rainforest connecting
with the abundant mother Earth. As we walk, we
connect deeply with our breath, breathing the
prana of the jungle. Cleansing and letting go of
any unwanted energies with the intention to
purify our body, mind and soul. During this day
we prepare our Light Body for our next day visit
to Machu Picchu, the City of Light.

At Mandor we will have Lunch, which we'll
purchase at our hotel and later ceremony.
Activation of the rainforest jaguar ceremony and
water cleansing ceremony.

This is a very powerful day for inner
transformation, as the energies of the rainforest
supports and welcomes the inner growth of the
previously planted seeds by the shamans
during the first days of the week.

Afternoon return to Aguas Calientes.

Optional visit to the Hot Springs

Dinner in the Village.

Day 9 - Wednesday April 15
Breakfast at our Hotel.
We depart to the Machu Picchu Citadel at 5:40
am. We travel by bus for 1/2 hour.

Guided tour of the Citadel by our local Shaman.
We perform a gratitude Ceremony activating the
portals of the City of Light.  We work on love for
self and opening the Heart. -Open of the Heart
exercises. Surrendering to joy.

We take the second tour to Wayna Picchu,
which is optional. -Travelers that don't go to
Wayna Pichu can meditate and walk the
complex at their leisure.

Half way to Wayna Picchu we descend in the
direction to the Temple of the Moon. Ceremony
will be perform with the intention to open the
Yachay or third eye by our local shaman.

Exit of the citadel complex at 5pm.
Dinner at the village.
Tour Itinerary April 7 - 18, 2014
"Unwinding The Sacred Spiral"
Day 10 - Thursday April 16
Breakfast at our Hotel.
Early Train departure to our Retreat Center in

Morning to Relax and integrate all the inner
work that we have done through the last 10 days.
Last visit with Q'ero Shamans. Optional coca
leaf readings and personal healing ceremonies.

Last Ceremony and Fire at night with the Q'eros.

Day 11 - Friday April 17
Breakfast at our Retreat Center.

Early departure for the City of Cuzco. We stop at
the Inca fortress that protected the Inca palace
in Cuzco,
Sacsayhuaman,. A magnificent
construction of big boulders in a zig zagging
style; the head of the Jaguar. We leave in
between the boulders our Kintu prayers and
gratitude for the many awakening moments.

Lunch in Cuzco City

Visit of the Inca Palace Koricancha inside the
Convent of Santo Domingo.

Free afternoon.

Group dinner at 7pm. Final laughs and sharing
with our Peruvian Friends.

Day 12 - Saturday April 18
Early breakfast at El Dorado San Agustin.
Departure to Lima for traveling back to your
April 2015 TOUR (OPEN)

This Tour will be conducted by Pierre Garreaud and Janice Johnson
register to reserve your space.  We highly recommend registering by
sending your
deposit of $1,300 USD no later than Dec 1, 2014 and full payment
no later than FEBRUARY 1st, 2015. There might be additional charges for people
registering after FEBRUARY 1st, 2015.  Please call Pierre for details at
603-581-2251  or email:

Single Room Supplement - $700.00 plus Tour Fee $3,300.00
(Your own room in the hotels)
Does NOT include Airfare to and from Lima
Double occupancy means the pricing is based on 2 people sharing a room.
Please let us know if you are traveling alone and would like us to connect you with
a roommate.

A deposit of $1300/person reserves your place on the tour.
The balance of the tour price including any additional optional costs (like Single
Supplement), must be paid in full by
FEBRUARY 1st, 2015. The quoted price
above is for
checks or money orders in US dollars and credit cards.
Please make your check payable to Pierre Garreaud. Call Pierre to ask for most
appropriate address to send check. $700 of the deposit is non-refundable.
This will be a small group and we operate on a first come-first serve basis. We
anticipate that the tour will sell out. We strongly advise you make your deposit ASAP.

Regarding International Flights:
International flights from the USA/Canada to Lima-Peru are not included in this
price. Plan to arrive in Lima on the evening before our tour date  or early
morning on the date of our tour, no later than 6:00am. Most flights
arrive in Lima late in the evening or early morning. If your flight arrives early
morning, once you cleared customs and security wait by the exit door, there will be
a van service waiting for you. Please send in your itinerary ahead of time to
coordinate your pick up time

For your return flight, plan to depart after 2 pm. We will be arriving in Lima from
our Cuzco Tour on April 18, 2015 by midday. Allow enough time for connecting
flights. If you plan on staying an extra day or two in Lima please let us
Please note: If you are leaving after midnight, you will be leaving Peru on
April 19, 2015. We strongly recommend that you contact our office BEFORE
booking your final flight arrangements to insure proper booking and timely arrival
and departure from Peru. We are happy to assist you in coordinating with our
program planning.
*Prices are subject to change. Significant increases in airfare or other costs
not within our control may result in marginally higher prices.

We recommend you purchase Travel Insurance
Basic travel insurance covers:
Trip Interruption Return Air Only: $750
Trip Delay: $750 (max $150 per day)
Missed Connection: $250
Baggage & Personal Effects Loss: $1,000
Baggage Delay: $300
Medical Expense: $25,000
Emergency Medical Transportation: $500,000

In the future, it may be necessary for Company to make modifications of the above
"Terms and Conditions" and in that event Company will forward a copy of such
modifications to you both by e-mail and postal mail. The"Terms and Conditions" in
effect on the date that travel begins on April 14, 2014 will be binding on all
Not included:
International Flights
Lunch & Dinner each day during  the tour. All beverages. Airport
departure taxes (approximately $50 depending on luggage weight).
Gratuities, Shopping,Travel Insurance,Trip Cancellation Insurance.
Transportation from your home to the starting date of the tour in Lima,
Peru and return, airport taxes, passports, visas, excess baggage
Hotel charges: laundry or dry cleaning, telephone calls, telexes, faxes,
cables, wines, liquors, beer, water, soft drinks, coffee, tea, meals, room
service, items of a personal nature and gratuities not stated in the
Detailed Itinerary,   

Cancellation Policy
If you find it necessary to cancel your reservation or to cancel any part of
theTour, the following cancellation policy will apply.
Prior to Feb 1, 2015: All tour monies received, less a $600 processing
fee will be refunded for cancellations received in writing prior to Feb 1,
2015. Between Feb 2 , 2015– March 1, 2015: A cancellation charge of
$600, plus unrecoverable monies from airlines, accommodations and
other deposits made on your behalf, will be withheld for cancellations
received in writing between Feb 2, 2015– March 1, 2015.

NO REFUNDS AFTER March 1, 2015: No refunds will be made for
cancellations received after March 1, 2015 OR for any portion of the trip
unattended. In the event you decide to leave the tour at any time, there
will be no refunds and you will be asked to sign a declaration stating
that it is your decision to leave the tour so that the proper local officials
may be notified.
Waiver and Release of Responsibilities
Pierre Garreaud (Company) acts as a travel tour coordinator, hiring the
services of third parties such as suppliers and contractors providing air
or other transportation, hotels, sightseeing and ceremonial activities.
Company assumes no responsibility, however caused, for your personal
injury or personal property loss or damage in connection with any service
provided by third parties. For any circumstances arising as a result of
military, terrorist, political action, strikes, weather, acts of God, criminal
or negligent acts of others, criminal or negligent acts of Traveler, or any
other circumstances over which Company has no control, Company
shall not be liable to you. Company reserves the right to alter, change or
omit any part of the itinerary, reservation, conveyance or routing at any
time without notice, where necessary or deemed advisable for the
comfort and well-being of the group. Traveler understands that this tour
falls under the category of "adventure"; there are some risk factors
involved. Company requires that traveler be in good physical condition
and traveler will be required to sign a disclosure stating that traveler is in
good health. Due to the risks involved traveler will release (Company)
from any responsibilities and liabilities regarding traveler getting injured
or suffering a fatal accident.

Written Release and Agreement:
You further agree to sign a Release and Agreement which sets forth the
conditions above and such other conditions as may be deemed
necessary. Failure or refusal to sign said Release and Agreement will
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Before making any payments please read the
at the bottom of this page.