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Cusco is the Spanish word for the Quechua word Qosqo which means the “navel of the world”. The
Incan high priests, the Paqos, describe it as the second chakra or “ñagui“ of Pachamama, Mother

The power animals in the Andean Cosmology are the Sachamama - mother snake -, the jaguar, the
hummingbird and the condor. These power animals hold the essence of inner powers that we need
to source from through our daily lives.

The jaguar or puma has nothing to fear, he holds the power of courage and passion. The jaguar
archetype is the energy that we need for being passionate, courageous, for giving form to our creative
nature. Jaguar is the fire, the juices that carries us on to accomplish our creative projects.

For the Paqos, this jaguar power resides in the belly, our second chakra. That’s why the Incas built
the original City of Qosqo in the shape of the Puma, the Jaguar. The Incas held the power of fire and

During our tour we will visit many of the sacred sites built by the Incas such as Machu Picchu,
Ollantaytambo, Pisac and many others. All these sites were aligned and built in strategic locations
that followed the contour of our Milky Way Galaxy.

The locations chosen for these sacred sites were carefully selected by paqos that were able to feel
and detect the refined high frequency energy of Pachamama.The sites follow the “ceques” or energy
grid lines from the earth and in the case of Machu Pichu, The City of Light was built on a convergence
of ceques, creating a special energy vortex.

The Inca civilization left a conglomerate of places and buildings whose structures reveal a profound
knowledge of astronomy as well as an astonishing level of development in mathematics.
Tour Cost  $2,950.00
11 Day Tour
Sacred Tour to the Land of the Incas
With Peruvian Sound Healer Shaman
Pierre Garreaud
We will work with SACRED FIRE  in daily meditations. We will work
with our second chakra, our qosqo, first to purify our Auric Vessel, and
second we will learn how to use fire to ignite passion into our lives and
bring forth magnificent creations to support our new Earth.

We will do Ceremony at several sites that we visit. There will be much
clearing and cleansing of the luminous filed for all the participants.

We will be receiving energy transmission or Karpay initiations from the shamans. We work with Don
Martin Pinedo, Wilma Pinedo, Don Francisco, and/or other respected Quero shamans depending on
their availability. These Karpays are powerful energy shifters. You will experience a reconnection to the
Divine Sacred Energies of Mother Earth and will connect to the inner feeling of “Being Safe” despite
any negative reality we are experiencing.

We will work with the heart chakra, first clearing and removing emotional debris to further activate the
heart chakra and stay in the high frequencies of “Gratitude” and “Munay”, God’s Unconditional Love.
Don Martin Pinedo Acuna,
El Condor, was born in the Andean community of Paccopata,
raised in Paruro(Cuzco). He was the apprentice of the famous
Don Benito Corihuaman, under whom Don Martin studied and
received his Karpays, the transmission of energy. After Don Benito's
death, Don Martin inherited his mesa, his knowledge and wisdom.

Don Martin resides in the village of Huasao, Peru where he
performs daily coca leaf readings, healings, cleansings,
purifications, extractions, and  ceremony for his local community and people from abroad. He is the
keeper of the sacred Apu  Pachatusan (where the Earth dances),the main Apu of the city of Cuzco. His
special gift comes through the eyes, wings and energy of the Condor. He was 10 years old when first
visited by the Condor, the spiritual Apu of the Andes which also became his spiritual name. His work
with healing stones, the Earth honoring ritual (Despacho), and flute-playing is legendary. Don Martin is
married to Maria Sanchez, the granddaughter of Don Melchor Deza, a powerful shaman from Huasao,
and also the niece of  Don Benito Corihuaman. Don Martin holds the  highest ranks in Andean
Shamanism as Alto Misayoc, practicing Andean medicine for over 25 years.