Love for Self Meditation / Infinite Love
This is a meditation that involves concentration, attention, visualization, breathing, eye movement, the re-patterning and
reconnection of the right and left-brains. It is a great technique to bring self-love and self-empowerment to the individual.
Once the connection with your Inner Self is established, then we move into experiencing Oneness.

This Infinite Love meditation was given to me right before August 8, 2008 representing a triple eight infinity symbol of
endless love. There are 3 steps to this process, everyone of them can be done independently.

Love for Self is the most important element of the Spiritual Path. One can practice all kinds of meditations but it is only
when one has full compassion for oneself, when one loves the Self without judgement and total acceptance that we can
finally climb the Tree of Life. The lower chakras then fully open and the Kundalini energy jumps to the upper chakras
and irrigates the frontal lobes of the brain and one experiences God.

To be able to meet your Higher Self first you have to make peace and love with your Lower Self. We have to become like
children in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Non judgement, innocence, transparency, fun, laughter, curiosity,
touch, freedom, playfulness are some of the qualities we need to incorporate in our lives.

When there is lack of self-esteem, sadness, depression, grief it is all  reflected in the "lung meridian". The lung meridian
appears like a T shape below the shoulder blades. This meditation  clears the lung meridian eliminating in an energetic
way any negative emotions.


First Process

Sit tall with your spine straight.
Cross your arms and rest the centers of your palms on the bumpy area below the end of your shoulder blades. Place the
left hand on top of right shoulder and right hand on top of the left shoulder. Right above the bumpy area is where the
Lung meridian starts.  By crossing the arms and connecting with the shoulders you have created the INFINITY symbol.  
Breathe calmly, focusing on connecting the centers of your palms to the shoulders. Feel the energy moving up through
your palms as you inhale, feel what happens inside your head.  Exhale, relax and continue breathing in the same way.  
Feel peace, feel Endless Love for yourself as the infinity symbol inspires you to.

Second Process

Stay in the same position with your arms crossed.
Now visualize the energy moving down from one hand to the elbow on the same arm, continue from the elbow to the
oppposite shoulder, connecting to the other hand moving down to the elbow on the same arm and up to the shoulder.
You have completed a full infinity symbol. Keep repeating the routine and focus on the energy, allow yourself to breathe
freely.  By now you will notice that you are following the infinity symbol with  your eyes. You are doing the right thing. Now
I want you to exaggerate the eye process.  Focus your attention on your third eye, lifting the eyes and moving faster and
faster drawing the infinity symbol and say
"I love myself " as you continue with the exercise for 3 minutes.  Don't lose the
connection between the arms and the eyes.  Before finishing as a closing, you will visualize the energy moving down
from your hand to the elbow and from the elbow up to the shoulder but now you start drawing a circle from the shoulder
behind the head to the other shoulder continuing down the elbow and closing the circle. Please relax and feel One with
yourself and God.

Third Process

Stay with your arms crossed but this time you lock the arms, the eyes and the sacral area in the spine. Now you are
activating the pelvis area and the infinity symbol becomes the snake, the Oroboros helping raise the Kundalini.

      ____________* _____________

The moving of the eyes when tracing the infinity symbol weaves new synapse connections between neurons in the
brain.  This helps us in braking our old patterns and bad habits. By saying "I love myself" while moving the eyes we are
inputting and saving new data in our brain's computer, erasing the old software that previously was informing our lives.
Of all the 2008 crop circles, the Milk
Hill infinity symbol, or figure 8
formation, which appeared on
08-08-08 has been the most profound.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Yin Lo
Patient was grieving at the moment the
thermography photo was taken. The
lung meridian shows deep deppression
Heart Chakra Meditation - Growing your Heart Wings

This meditation is designed to open the heart chakra, to activate the heart's  inner light  and to bathe and nourish  the
Auric vessel.  You can do this exercise for 15 minutes every day. The heart is the catalyst for the new energies that are
coming into the planet. By practicing this technique you will open yourself as a vessel for this new light. You will be
bringing higher vibrations and consciousness to the planet.


Sit down in a comfortable place with your spine straight.  Hold your hands with
the palms facing each other, about an inch apart and start connecting the center
of your palms by slightly rotating them in a circular motion.  Pay attention to the
energy being generated between the palms.  Once you have felt the energy in
between your hands start pulling away, tensing your hands and fingers as you
move out, like expanding rubber bands attached to your fingers. Then go back in,
holding the hands one inch apart and repeat this pulling out of the hands. Relax the hands as you come in and keep
practicing this motion until you feel that the energy in between the hands is expanding.

Next, you will move your hands at the level of the heart. From this point  connect the center of your palms to your heart
and pull out as you were doing in the first section of this exercise. One hand at a time, taking turns. Dance and play with
it. Give your hands life.

Visualize filaments of violet light coming out from your heart as you pull away. Then you come back in and pull back
again. Continue with this motion for the next 2 minutes while breathing calmly through your heart chakra.

As you do this you will start to relax and feel deep inner peace. Now, try moving away even further.  When you pull out
visualize expanding your auric vessel.

As you move away with the heart's light, bring that light behind the crown chakra 6 inches above the head and come
back from behind and below the ears with your index fingers pointing towards your body and nourish your luminous

Go back to the heart and repeat this motion always breathing from the heart chakra for the next 5 minutes.