What would you say is the core essence of this workshop, Pierre?
The Return to the Sacred Garden is an experiential workshop. Through the understanding of the symbols in the Myth of
Adam and Eve, we can find our way back to the Sacred Garden and realize that we can bring Heaven again to our
beautiful Earth. I will be teaching powerful transformational tools that catapult ones' spiritual development to new
heights. We will work with the elements of the earth, wind, water and fire around the Peruvian shaman's medicine
wheel. We will also work with sound and inspired sacred chants aiding the healing process and integration for all
participants. There will be two powerful activations/energy transmissions. The first activation will reconnect the
participant to the Divine Sacred Feminine, and the second one will activate and open the Higher Chakra Seal which
establishes a direct connection with our beloved Creator. This workshop will be life changing!

What are some of the symbols you will be talking about?
During this weekend workshop we will move away from our left brain, the Tree of Knowledge and move into the realms
of the right brain, the Tree of Life and walk towards the path of the Heart in Gratefulness. We will be present in "The
Now", experiencing our Divine Light as individuals and as a group. We will talk about the world of duality and how to
experience and where to find Oneness. We will talk about the process of descension, how we disconnected from
Paradise and most important, how to go back home.

What do you mean by connecting to Mother Earth?
Humans as a species have lost their connection to Mother Earth, Pachamama. We can see it very clearly during the
Sumatra Tsunami. Right after the earthquake, monkeys, elephants and dogs moved quickly to higher grounds
responding to their inner intuitive nature. Humans on the other hand, were mesmerized by the receding ocean and
walked towards the newly expanded beach captivated by the fish left on the sand not aware of the impending Tsunami
awaiting their fatal destiny. Our problem is that we have forgotten to listen to our inner voice, our intuition. The Earth is
always talking to us. First we have to establish a connection with Mother Earth by honoring her in sacred ceremony.
Then we have to listen to the wind, the rivers, the birds and animals and reestablish our relationship with God's creation.
We cannot continue living as separate from creation, we are all One. When we realize that we are part of Spirit, then we
learn to listen by connecting to the Divine Matrix of Life.

What are some of the benefits of attending this workshop?
By connecting with God, Mother Earth and your Divine Self you will experience a powerful sense of being safe and
secure no matter what is happening in the "maya" or worldly illusion of your life. You will feel connected to everything in
Life. Participants will experience deep and profound healing.  Energy blockages will be removed, energies will be
shifted and participants will go home feeling empowered, uplifted and transformed, ready to redefine their goals and
priorities as they walk the path of the heart.  They will bring back with them the seeds of their becoming, the future
blossoms of their true Spirit.

Pierre Garreaud, a Peruvian Sound Healer Shaman and Teacher will be offering the powerful workshop entitled
"RETURN TO THE SACRED GARDEN" on the weekend of June 13 & 14, 2009.
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