Awaken the inner core of your being through Energetic Activations. The Incas, Mayans, Egyptians as well as many
earth cultures recognized that the Light from the Sun and the Stars when channelled in sacred ceremony helped
activate new neurological pathways in the brain. In the
Andes of Peru  these activations are called Karpays. You
can benefit from this ancient process and accelerate your spiritual development. Learn how to engage and direct the
Kausay  -Quechua word for the realm of energy-  by working with the Elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind..

Become a
caretaker of Pachamama - Mother Earth by connecting with the Divine Feminine. Receive the
Sacred Rites
that will allow you to walk and live in the Sacred Garden as a Luminous Being.

Strengthen your Auric Vessel or Luminous Field by working with Fire. Ancient  techniques from  the Earth Keepers prior
to the Inca and the Vedas taught us how to live in alignment with the circadian cycle of Sun and the Earth promoting a

Auric Vessel. When the Luminous Field is cleared in the light of the fire then the physical body aligns itself
to its natural healthy state. Learn the
Fire Alchemy, Agnihotra and Homa Therapy  to promote your own self
healing as well as the healing of Mother Earth.

Sound Light Healing  therapy dissolves blockages in the body, mind and soul. When sacred sound is directed with
profound intention into the client's body it opens the path of  the acupuncture meridians allowing the stagnant energy to
move freely through the body.
Children of the Andes
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Life is a Journey of Self Discovery.  Experience what "Living in the Now" means.  Live your life in a state of
Gratitude and open the doors to the Divine Being that you are.  Create and manifest Abundance, Prosperity, Health and
Enduring Relationships as you learn how to be in the NOW of your Heart.
 Scientists are starting to discover
what Shamans have known for Millennia:
Sound Heals.  Learn how sound affects and creates matter.   
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Lead by Shaman Pierre Garreaud

Each year as the summer approaches, excitement and anticipation
builds as the days draw closer to the launch of my sacred tour to Peru. I
many advanced healers eager to drink in the magic and mysticism of the

As this extraordinary group of lightworkers and healers began to prepare
for their journey of deep inner transformation and adventure I completed
the final details of the tour.
We arrived in Cuzco and met up with Vilma Pinedo, my favorite young local shaman, daughter of my mentor and
friend Don Martin. As we gathered together and got acquainted with each other, we became the 12 light travelers
seeking great connection with Mother Earth Pachamama.

We visited with the powerful guardians of the Andes, the great Apus –the sacred mountains- and paid great respect
to them in sacred ceremony. We walked with respect and humbleness, offered our prayers in sacred colorful
despacho-mandalas. Our tightly bonded group set deep intentions to heal mother earth and to uplift the planet’s

Each day the group deepened in their awareness and connection to the powerful Andes. Their gifts as healers,
seers, clairvoyants and energy workers opened to reveal profound revelations as they tuned in to the strong energy
vortexes the Andes are known for.

The more in tune we became to the elements and the more we prayed, we observed the elements responding to us,
acknowledging our presence. Every time we finished ceremony father wind -wayra viento- responded to our prayers
and the eagles followed fluttering their wings high in the sky.   
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March 21 - 31, 2015  Peru Tour
Shamanic Apprenticeship Certification
10 Training in the Rain Forest of Peru with Maestro Juan and Pierre Garreaud
This is a 4 year program for students wanting to learn
about the medicine plants of the rain forest.
Please call Pierre or email for full details

Machu Picchu travels travels,  April 7 - 18, 2015
Cusco - Rainforest Vision Quest, 2015
Sacred Sound Healing Circle - Workshop
I am so honored for all of you who gathered together for this great celebration to heal the Earth. We created  
tremendous amounts of Light and Healing as we deeply worked on personal and World forgiveness.

Saturday's evening Fire Ceremony was extraordinary and helped the Earth clear from massive sorrows created by old
dominating patriarchal energies.  Thank you to all of you for having the courage to represent the different segments of
our world civilization that have suffered through our history due to injustice, exploitation, suppression, war and
intolerance.  You brought the Light of Forgiveness to our fire circle and helped dismantle the energies that keep
feeding the loop of exploitation, resentment and retaliation. We brought in  powerful energies  that helped clear the
bedrocks and crystals within Mother Earth. As the energies of war and suffering stored in the belly of the Earth were
released we assisted Mother Earth to raise her frequency and vibration.

We created a circle of Sound with the intention to manifest the New Consciousness of Love and Oneness. We
weaved together threads of light and sound in a tapestry of Brotherhood and Sisterhood, of world peace, and respect
and reverence for all life created.

Thank you for fully showing up and for humbly serving  segments of the world with their Healing process. All energies
of Love, Light and Prayer were sent out to the whole world to align to this high vibration! Ho!
Our Group Photo at Geneva Point Despacho Fire Ceremony
Special Thanks to Shifu Kelcey Hart, Deb Casale, Kellie Hamel and Julia Garreaud
for their invaluable contributions to making this event a total success.
"During Saturday night of the workshop weekend, we had a powerful Fire Ceremony during which Pierre
called out to Pachamama to release energies of war, fear, anger and sadness held in her bedrock and
crystals.  The vibration of these negative thought forms were released in vertical columns of light moving from
the Earth up to the Heavens and the energy that was released varied in strength depending on what words
Pierre was specifically using in each moment.  There was a circle of Light created of about 10 feet,  a vacuum
portal that opened above our group circle, and the energies from the bedrock were released within this sacred
space.  The most powerful release I saw happened when Pierre called on energies related to war - the
release was very bright and lasted 5 seconds at the brightest intensity.  
Seeing all this work happen gave me
the feeling that this ceremony should be repeated over and over in different locations, especially at those
locations which have been known to be places of Human conflict.
Testimonial: Deb Casale - Lightworker, Clairvoyant
"Estrellita del Sur"
a Waldorf inspired school,
Sauce, Rain Forest Peru

Children of the Andes, 501 (C)3
A non profit Foundation
dedicated to building
Waldorf Schools in Peru
Machu Picchu Tours, The story.....
"Sachamama" song by Pierre Garreaud
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