June 25 & 26, 2011
Two Day Weekend Retreat
From the south, take I-93 North to exit 23 and turn right onto route 104 and continue for 9 miles. At the junction of
Route 104 and Route 3, take a left onto Route 3 and continue for approximately 1 mile. At the traffic lights in Meredith,
bear right onto Route 25 and stay on Route 25 for 8 miles. Take a right onto Moultonborough Neck Road at the traffic
lights (just beyond the Service Station) and travel for 5.7 miles. Bear left at the fork in the road. Turn left onto Geneva
Point Road and continue on this road to the Geneva Point Center entrance sign.

print a map before leaving. There might be some detours in the area due to road construction.

If you become lost or encounter problems, please call Pierre at  818-262-1659.
For more information about Geneva
Point Center clink the link below:
Saturday December 4

8:00 - 9:00     Registration & orientation.
9:00 - 1:00     Session
1:00-   2:00     Lunch
2:00 -  5:00     Session
5:00 -  6:00     Sacred Initiation / Break
6:00-   7:00     Dinner
7:00-   9:00     Fire Ceremony

Sunday December 5

8:00 -   9:00     Breakfast
9:00 -   1:00     Session
1:00  -  2:00     Lunch
2:00 -   3:00     Session
3:00 -   5:00     Sacred Initiation

Sessions Include:
Light Yoga, Meditation, Shamanic
Journey, Sound Healing, Fire
Purification, Chanting, Sacred Kuya
Forgiveness, Despacho and Fire.
Things to Bring

We will be staying at the Gibbes House,
which is house #27 - please see the
Geneva Point map for the exact location.
We will be working inside the house and
outside on the beaches.

The house has a refrigerator and a stove
so if you'd like to bring fruit, snacks,
bottled water, etc. please go ahead and
bring whatever makes you feel right at

For the Sound Healing, journeying and
other processes we will be on the floor.  
The floor is carpeted but bring extra
padding such as a blanket, comforter,
sleeping bag, and pillows.

For the fire and outdoor activities bring a
yoga mat or sleeping bag, beach towels
& sunscreen.  Bug repellent, a flashlight
and a rain jacket may be useful, and
dress in layers as evenings can be cool.

If you have drums or rattles to use during
the fire ceremony please bring them.
Pierre's Singing Drums and Rattles will
be available for purchasing.

Please call me if you have any questions
at 603-581-2251.

Number to call during the workshop:
PIERRE'S CELL: 818-262-1659

Limited Capacity
June 25 & 26, 2011 Lake Region NH

We will experience Light Yoga, Meditation, Shamanic Journeying, Sound Healing, Fire Purification, Drumming,
Chanting & Singing
Processes: Sacred Kuya Forgiveness, Despacho (Blessings) and Surrogate Forgiveness (You help others forgive).
Initiation: Honoring Your Mastery and Uniqueness!

As we get closer to the year 2012 and as the Earth continues to go through a period of great purification we are invited
to align with her and take advantage of this great opportunity. The potentials for transformation are extremely unique.
The times that we live in are allowing for spiritual awakening, We just have to learn to flow and ride this extraordinary
wave. Spontaneous Kundalini awakenings are happening at many of my workshops by using Sacred Sound.  Our
Light Body is transforming allowing us capabilities we have never experienced before.

We will be working on Forgiveness and Blessings. By doing so, we remove and release attachments, energetic cords
that keep us anchored to our Ego Self. As we Forgive and Bless we transform, we receive the gift of our own Light. An
energetic soul fragment will return with the Soul making the individual Whole.

The cost of this event is a great value at only $110 plus $90 for lodging and meals.
Come and relax, recharge and transform by the calming waters and extraordinary views of Lake Winnipesaukee.
Additional Instructors:
Kellie Hamel
ChiKung, Fire and Drumming: Kelcey Hart
Nature Walk: Deborah Casale

Come commune with us at Geneva Point and be part of a great weekend workshop to Celebrate
Mother Earth  at a magnificent location on Lake Winnipesaukee!
I am so honored for all of you who gathered together for this great celebration to heal the Earth. We created  tremendous amounts of Light and Healing as
we deeply worked on personal and World forgiveness.

Saturday's evening Fire Ceremony was extraordinary and helped the Earth clear from massive sorrows created by old dominating patriarchal energies.  
Thank you to all of you for having the courage to represent the different segments of our world civilization that have suffered through our history due to
injustice, exploitation, suppression, war and intolerance.  You brought the Light of Forgiveness to our fire circle and helped dismantle the energies that
keep feeding the loop of exploitation, resentment and retaliation. We brought in  powerful energies  that helped clear the bedrocks and crystals within
Mother Earth. As the energies of war and suffering stored in the belly of the Earth were released we assisted Mother Earth to raise her frequency and

We created a circle of Sound with the intention to manifest the New Consciousness of Love and Oneness. We weaved together threads of light and sound
in a tapestry of Brotherhood and Sisterhood, of world peace, and respect and reverence for all life created.

Thank you for fully showing up and for humbly serving  segments of the world with their Healing process. All energies of Love, Light and Prayer were sent
out to the whole world to align to this high vibration! Ho!

"During Saturday night of the workshop weekend, we had a powerful Fire Ceremony during which Pierre called out to Pachamama to release energies of
war, fear, anger and sadness held in her bedrock and crystals.  The vibration of these negative thought forms were released in vertical columns of light
moving from the Earth up to the Heavens and the energy that was released varied in strength depending on what words Pierre was specifically using in
each moment.  There was a circle of Light created of about 10 feet,  a vacuum portal that opened above our group circle, and the energies from the
bedrock were released within this sacred space.  The most powerful release I saw happened when Pierre called on energies related to war - the release
was very bright and lasted 5 seconds at the brightest intensity.  
Seeing all this work happen gave me the feeling that this ceremony should be repeated over
and over in different locations, especially at those locations which have been known to be places of Human conflict.
Testimonial: Deb Casale - Lightworker, Clairvoyant