The element of fire has been used through the history of our civilization to change organic matter from one form to
another, like the melting of metals, the forging of refined crystals, the changing of solids into fluids and gases.

Fire has been and still is revered and honored in sacred ceremony by the native cultures all around the world. Through
fire we connect to the Sun, to the light. Sunlight supports all life on our planet and when fire is done in sacred ceremony
we align with the sun. The trees capture the energy of the sun and as the wood burns in the fire we receive the subtle
energies of the sun.
Fire Alchemy is a process that combines breathing,
intention and working with fire.

This process is done in sacred ceremony, the
breathing technique focuses the attention on the
Qosqo or second chakra. Fire acts as a purifier and
transmuting element burning past life and present

Through this practice you should achieve opening
your second chakra and experience within, the fire
alchemy. Your second chakra will open and it will  
feel like a swirling wheel spinning in your naval
area. A vortex will open of about 6 inches outside
your second chakra with approximately 5 inches in
diameter. When the chakra opens the subtle
energies of the fire will fill up your luminous energy
field (LEF) transmuting any dense energies
residing in it. The subtle energies will unlock the
meridians and will clear and open the
communication between the LEF, meridians and
nervous system in the body.

One of the immediate benefits is that your physical
body will realign accordingly to your cleared divine
matrix, the LEF, stimulating glands, optimizing
hormone production, restoring light in the cells and
DNA bringing balance, harmony and wellbeing.
Fire Alchemy is being taught as part of a workshop. Please go to our workshops  page to find a location where this
class will be taught in the near future. You can also call us if you would like to bring one of our workshops to your city.