Chakra Breathing and Recharging
The Seven Chakra Breathing technique is designed to energize and recharge the physical body and Auric Vessel by
using strong movement and Yang breathing. This is a powerful way of energizing the body but it has to be done with
caution so energy can move freely through the body and not get stuck.

Anxiety Release Breathing Technique
By the use of fire breath we can release nervousness
and anxiety from localized energy stuck in our first 3 chakras.
Qosqo Breathing
This is a technique is based on ancient knowledge of the Inca elders of Peru - the Q'eros - and it's designed to open our
second chakra in order to nourish the body through inhaling prana energy. This is accomplished by the use of 3 short
breaths inhaling through the nose and one long exhalation releasing the air through the nose and mouth with a muted
Huuuuuu... sound focusing our intent on expanding and nourishing our
Auric Vessel.

Cuzco is the Spanish written word for what the Incas new as Qosqo, which translates to the belly button of the world or
the second chakra of the Earth. By the use of this breathing technique we collect and store Pranic energy in our Auric
Vessel for the use of healing ourselves and others.
Pierre at left is showing
how Qosqo breathing is
used in conjunction with

See how the light essence
of the Sun is brought in
through the 2nd Chakra.
Most of the teachings and techniques in the Self Empowering Tools will allow you to take control of your life and
design a Spiritual Path that meets your need to know yourself in a deeper and meaningful way.
These techniques are designed to energize the physical and auric bodies by the use of movement and breath.