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We can also design a specific program that can suit your needs based on the
Empowering Tools and Healing Modalities that we offer.

Life is a Journey of Self Discovery

Pierre Garreaud

Sound Light Healer
Pierre Garreaud
82 LaBonte Farm Rd.
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Individual Healing sessions by PHONE

To fully experience the benefit of a Sound Healing session by phone, I recommend connecting
through Skype on the Internet.  You need to get a Logitech headset with a USB connector. The
quality of this kind of connection is more superior than a regular telephone call.

For the Sound Light Healing session, you will be resting comfortably on your back, breathing      
deeply and relaxing. Having your hands free and not holding the telephone allows you to go
within and not be distracted.

Please select a quiet space in your home and mute any other telephones, alarms or additional
sounds that might distract your attention from your inner process.

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