Can you imagine trying to put a puzzle together and you don’t have the box that shows the
actual picture of the puzzle? Or go looking for a small street in a rural area without the
assistance of a map?

The reality is that when we are born we don’t come into existence with a life manual,
or a road map to follow.

From the moment we are born we embark on the quest of deciphering the intricate puzzle of Life. The challenge resides in not knowing what the final picture is
supposed to look like. We don’t have a map that can give us a sense of direction, worst of all; we don’t even know where we are going. Most pieces of the puzzle are
lying ahead of us and
we learn as we go. During some moments of clarity we have glimpses of the big picture and we seem to think that we know where we are

Whatever our agreement is with our Creator, one thing we certainly know;  
We had the courage to play being human by coming down to Earth, the theater of life.

We owe it to ourselves to play our part to our fullest and that means to enjoy and have fun in the process of Self discovery while being in total alignment and in
reverence for all things Spirit has created for us. Through this process we meet people that act as guides, mentors. We read books, articles that resonate with our
inner self. And little by little we start creating and defining our paths toward remembering who we are.

In my own personal journey I have discovered several tools and therapies that catapults one's self-development into higher plateaus of existence and
consciousness. These tools are included on this website and are briefly described for your information. These tools are part of different workshops and you are
invited to participate in if you are called to do so.
To remember that we are Divine Beings of Light is to be completely healed. Healing does not mean just being rid of
disease and having a healthy body and mind. To heal means to put back the pieces together, the original blueprint of
who we are, and that means to know the wholeness of our Being.

Part of our misconception of knowing is that we try to understand the core of our being with our left brain, which is just a
tool to understanding and interpreting reality.

A mystical experience is not perceived by the left brain; it is in the domain of the Soul and is accessible through the right
brain, frontal lobes and the pineal gland. When we access the gates to infinity we remove ourselves from the
entrapments of the left-brain and its constraints of time and space. The left brain holds us trapped to our Ego, to our
individuality and to the consciousness of being separate creating an illusion or "maya" according to the Hindu sages.
On the other hand, when we have had a oneness mystical experience and come back to our physical reality, the left
brain comes on handy; it helps us interpret the experience and brings awareness of what has just happened.

When the healer works with sound and light energy in a deep and compassionate way, he talks the language of the
soul and has access to the parts that need to be remembered. He accesses the Creators light that resides within your
being and acts as a mirror so that you can see the core of your being.
Everything in the Universe has movement and everything that moves creates sound. When the shaman healer creates sound with profound intention, sound opens
the meridians allowing stuck energy to move freely through the body promoting healing.

When we move beyond the body, sound opens the gates, lifts the veil of ignorance and takes us on a journey like a river moving towards the ocean. Sound allows
us to align, to tune up to the Universal Symphony, to be part of the Orchestra and to be One with the Song, the Word of God.

Creation is a process of light and sound. Light brings information and sound through vibration and frequencies organizes patterns creating matter. God sustains
and continues to create and expand the Universe by singing and projecting his everlasting light on everything.

The Sages and Hindu Saints know and hear the Music of the Spheres while in deep meditation. Paramahansa Yogananda the Self Realized Master talks about
the different sounds of the chakras.
Through Energetic Activations, the Andean Karpays the body is awakened and the paths are
opened so more light can be channeled through the person’s nerves, meridians and luminous
energy field (LEF). Activations performed in a sacred ritual creates big energy shifts allowing the
receiver to catapult through the ascending spiral of life.

Light acts as an activator of inner codes that reside in our DNA and these codes bring more
knowingness to our Being. When the DNA is activated it also generates more light and enhances
the luminosity of the Auric Vessel or LEF.
In reality our lives are not just the putting together of one puzzle; but we are, a puzzle within the puzzle of God.