The fire is prepared in a small copper pyramid of specific size and shape. Brown rice, dried cowdung (manure) and
ghee (clarified unsalted butter) are the substances burned. Exactly at sunrise or sunset the mantras are spoken and a
small amount of rice and ghee is given to the fire.

There is not just energy from the fire; subtle energies are created by the rhythms and mantras. These energies are
generated or thrust into the atmosphere by fire. This, in addition to the qualities of the materials burned, produces the
full effect of this healing HOMA (healing fire). Much healing energy emanates from the Agnihotra pyramid.

Tremendous amounts of energy are gathered around the Agnihotra copper pyramid just at Agnihotra time. A
magnetic-type field is created, which neutralizes negative energies and reinforces positive energies. Therefore, a
positive pattern is created by one who does Agnihotra merely by his/her performance. Agnihotra purifies the
atmosphere of pollutants and neutralizes harmful radiation. The resultant atmosphere gives nourishment to plant life.
Circadian rhythms are the periodic changes that happen throughout the day. For example, the sleep and wake cycles
are circadian rhythms.

The Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) acts as biological clock, and the biological clock is actually is a pair of pinhead
sized brain structures, both of which contain around 20,000 neurons.  They are located in the hypothalamus above
the point where the optic nerves cross. Signals from the photoreceptors in the eyes (the rods and cones on the
retinas) are transmitted to the SCN through optic nerves.  The SCN in turn sends signals to various brain regions
including the pineal gland which switches off the production of the hormone melatonin upon receiving a light signal
from the SCN.

The melatonin level in the body increases during darkness. Apart from this, the SCN is also known to govern other
functions that are synchronized with the sleep/wake cycle such as body temperature, hormone secretion, urine
production and blood pressure. Biological clocks are said to follow an innate cycle of 25 hours rather than 24 hours.
Circadian rhythms can be affected and reset to an extent by external stimuli and time cues such as the beeping of an
alarm clock, the timing of meals etc. External time cues are called "zeitgebers", a German word meaning" time givers"

Circadian rhythms are important to humans, animals, plants and even fungus and cyanobacteria, etc., in controlling
and activating several physiological and genetic functions.
Is a healing fire from the ancient science
Ayurveda. It is a process of purifying
the atmosphere through a specially
prepared fire performed at sunrise and
sunset daily. Anyone in any walk of life
can do Agnihotra and heal the
atmosphere in his/her own home.

Agnihotra reduces stress, leads to
greater clarity of thought, improves
overall health, gives one increased
energy, and makes the heart and mind
more full of love.

Agnihotra is an ancient science given
in Sanskrit language at the time of
Sanskrit  is a language of

Is the purification of the atmosphere through the agency of fire. Because the atmosphere, prana or life-force, and mind
are deeply connected - when you heal the atmosphere, the healed atmosphere heals you.

By putting certain materials such as medicinal herbs for example into specially prepared fires accompanied by certain
word combinations, it is possible to remove toxic conditions from the atmosphere, thereby healing and purifying it. That
healing effect is then passed on to all life-forms which are sustained by that atmosphere. This is HOMA THERAPY.

HOMA is a Sanskrit technical term from the Vedic science of bio-energy. The Vedas are the most ancient body of
knowledge known to mankind and describe several sciences including bio-energy, psychotherapy, medicine,
agriculture, bio-genetics, climate engineering and inter-planetary communication. The central idea in HOMA Therapy is:

You heal the atmosphere and the healed atmosphere heals you.

Of all the HOMA fire practices given in the Vedas the basic one is known as AGNIHOTRA which is tuned to the
biorhythm of sunrise/sunset.
  • Mental tension disappears and you begin to experience peace.
  • Agnihotra smoke gathers particles of harmful radiation and on a very subtle level neutralizes their
  • Agnihotra renews brain cells, revitalizes the skin and purifies the blood.
  • Agnihotra neutralizes pathogenic bacteria.
  • Breathing Agnihotra smoke has an excellent effect on the circulatory, brain and nervous system
  • Plants, animals and humans receive nutrition from the vibrations of Agnihotra atmosphere,
    become happy and grow well.
  • Agnihotra ash can be used to purify water resources and for medicines.
  • Agnihotra helps children diagnose as ADD/ADHD. It has a calming effect by having the child focus
    on the fire.
  • Reduction of allergies.

The healing effects of Agnihotra are locked in the resultant ash. Thousands of people in different parts of
the world have experienced wonderful healings of all types of ailments by using Agnihotra ash.
Agnihotra and Plants
The ghee is thrust into the atmosphere
and attaches itself to the molecular
structure of the soil, allowing the soil to
retain more moisture. Plants grown in
Agnihotra atmosphere are better able to
withstand droughts. Agnihotra causes a
change in the cellular structure of the
plant which sends more nutrients to the
fruit of the plant and less to the leaves,
stem and roots. The size, taste, texture
and yield of fruits and vegetables grown
in Agnihotra atmosphere are superior.
Agnihotra reduces pest problems and
organic gardening and farming are
made easier by using Homa Techniques.
Master Shree Vasant
An Emissary of Healing Fires
* Mother Mary the Angel of Light *
We can make changes in the atmosphere with Sanskrit mantras and fire prepared with specific organic substances,
timed to the sunrise/sunset biorhythm: the
Circadian Cycle.
Agnihotra Fire Kit

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