Affirmations are a great tool for bringing change into our lives. You can create a healthy body,  bring abundance and
attract  perfect loving relationships into your reality  by doing affirmations as part of your daily practice.

Sound is an important component when doing affirmations. Master Teacher Yogananda will start doing affirmations in a
loud and commanding voice and will finish with a soft whisper, with the intention of talking to our conscious self first and
later to our subconscious.

Neuron Scientists are discovering why affirmations work. Bad habits are the result of using affirmations in a negative
way. It is like cutting grooves inside our brain-mind connection,  similar to playing a broken record. A particular thought
pattern is constantly being played in a circular way, repeating itself, digging in, and as a result encrypting and solidifying
the old bad habit into the same groove.

On the other hand if you want to solidify, create good habits and make the Law of Attraction work for you, you need to
establish new neuron connections in the brain and support that thought by daily affirmations and by holding a grateful
state of mind.

Scientists know now that you can change your behavior in a minimum of 28 days. You can create solid grooves in the
brain, establish solid neuron connections that will revert into manifesting changes  in only 28 days. I wonder why?
John Gleich
We need to remember what the Ancients knew and didn't
take for granted, the power of being aligned with the Earth,
the Sun, the Moon and our entire Universe. The 28 day
Moon cycle is the natural cycle for our bodies. It is the
calendar cycle for women's fertility and menstruation.

I recommend that when you do affirmations you work with
the moon cycle. Start with the new moon and finish with
the full moon.
Sit in a comfortable position.
Design an affirmation that supports what you want to create.
Or do the "I am Grateful" affirmation that covers it all.
Start verbalizing your mantra or affirmation with command and determination
Bring passion and the feelings of what you are creating.
Project that energy into the future.
Enjoy your space
Do your affirmation for at least 28 minutes daily, for 28 days.
Keep a journal and see what manifests as you go along.
When doing the "I am Grateful" section of this affirmation try using different pitches and stay long enough on the "am" part of this line as if
you are doing the OM mantra. Feel the "AM" resonating through your body as you change pitches . Pay attention to what organs resonate
to what pitches; and once you find the note that resonates with the Heart stay in that space, feel joy, peace and be grateful.
Mandala Artist: Tom Gleich
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It is in the place of Gratefulness and by opening the Heart that we create wonders and center ourselves with the Divine Will.
Paramahansa Yogananda