December 4 & 5       
Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm
Workshop Description
Workshop Details at Geneva Point

Location:        Geneva Point, Lake Winnipesaukee
Address:         108 Geneva Point Road
 Moultonborough, NH
Telephone:     603-253-4366
Hosted by:       Pierre Garreaud
Directions:       (Please call Geneva Point)
This program is designed for all individuals seeking spiritual healing. The workshop is offered
during a two day weekend in a group setting and it serves as an introduction to the shamanic
studies program: The path of the Healed Warrior.

According to the native medicine men and women of Peru, there is a world invisible to the eyes
responsible for organizing and affecting the material world. This organizing principle is called
Kausay, the world of energy.  The shamans in Peru see this invisible Kausay and work with the
world of energy to manifest healing, health and to bring abundance to one’s life.

If you have invested time and effort in therapy, self-help and motivational teachings, meditation,
workshops and you are still stuck in the same old loop this workshop is for you!

During this weekend workshop we will clear the energy field, cut energetic cords, retrieve soul
fragments and energize the auric vessel by raising the frequency vibrations of all participants.

Physical and mental issues unexplained or misdiagnosed by the allopathic medicine may be the
result of negative intent, soul loss, unwanted entities or energetic chord attachments.

The Auric Vessel
Our lightbody or auric vessel works as an energy storage device as well as a deflective and
protective electromagnetic field. When the lightbody is charged, cleared and strong then the
physical body responds by aligning accordingly. When the auric vessel is thin and opened then
physical sickness can occur. Our body system works in a similar way as the earth does, when the
ozone layers in our atmosphere thins out and a hole is created then the sun’s radiation penetrates
the earth causing fires, burns and cancer in animals and humans.

Our auric vessel is a dynamic electromagnet always working for us attracting what we need to
experience in our lives. It is the macro accumulation of electromagnetic forces generated within
the dance happening inside the micro spiraling of our DNA. Our thoughts, desires and unhealed
aspects of ourselves are projected unto this invisible light screen of the auric vessel. When a
person is unhealed, this information in the auric vessel will interact with the external reality as to
create repeating situations that will attract and force the person to seek healing. Everything in the
Universe that exists in a state of chaos seeks to organize itself into sacred geometry as it follows
the push and pull of dark matter.

A healthy and strong auric vessel promotes physical and mental health. When soul loss occurs,
and when negative intent, unwanted entities and energetic cords are attached to the auric vessel,
then a person can find himself struggling with health and physical issues, mental confusion,
feeling incomplete, lacking desire, procrastination, depression, erratic behaviors, feeling
threatened, unsafe, etc.

The Three Big "K"s
Life is a spiritual journey and we come into this world with no spiritual manual. As we are born we
bring our own past deeds to work with; we also inherit a body from our father and mother's DNA
with all the unhealed stories of our ancestors. Furthermore, some people experience severe
trauma during their lives that cripple their ability to experience love, joy and to live life to its fullest.

I call these three wheels of Karma the Three Big "K"s:
Past life Karma, Ancestral Karma and
Present Life Karma.

A strong will, determination and sticking to a plan of action is not enough to support change and
create a new future. There is an invisible energetic world interacting with these big 3K's that
curtails the outcomes of even the most determined achievers. A great number of people live their
lives mostly concerned with that which is visible to their eyes. For the rainforest medicine man and
women of Peru these invisible worlds are part of their daily exploration and knowingness.

Ancestral DNA Clearing
I have created a process I call Ancestral DNA Clearing especially designed to clear the inherited
physical body from Ancestral Karma. These unhealed stories of our ancestors reside in our DNA
as codes and information waiting for triggers ready to play themselves out again and again. By
healing this Ancestral Karma, participants are able to reclaim their physical body.

During this weekend workshop I will be using a combination of yoga processes and rainforest
shamanic healing tools to help create deep transformational shifts within all participants.

Things to bring:
Musical instruments: Rattles, Seeds, Native drums, Singing bowls, Native flutes, your Voice.  
Comfortable attire, blankets, pillows and water.

One Time Only $50 discount
Workshop fee is $240 (normally $290).
(Fee includes lodging for Saturday night) Meals not included
Dec 4 & 5,2010 Lake Region NH
Negative Intent
Many people interested in self and spiritual development
dismiss the possibilities of the world of Kausay because it is
not visible to the eyes, but in the rainforest the shamans
recognize an energetic imbalance created through negative
intent as one of the possible origins of sickness.

Soul Loss
Another way a person may encounter disease or live a life
with no direction is when “susto” happens. “Susto” is the
Spanish word for what we understand as “Soul Loss”. There
is soul fragmentation when “susto” occurs. The literal
translation for “susto” is to get scared because of a sudden,
dramatic and fearful situation. Soul loss can happen during
extreme fearful situations such as during accidents, war,
surgery, physical or sexual abuse, and other traumas.

Energetic Cords
Since the moment a person is born, the building of
relationships begins as we connect to people and interact
with the outside world. As an individual bonds and connects
with others, they begin to establish energetic exchanges. In
the world of energy, a relationship between two people is in
alignment when an equal and perfect exchange of energy
occurs. When a disproportionate exchange favors one of the
individuals then the relationship is out of alignment.
Energetic cords are energy threads that attach to a person.
These cords act as energy vacuums and are created
intentionally or without knowing by one person interested in
taking energy from the other. These attachments are
responsible for energy depletion and later on, can cause
physical exhaustion or sickness.

Unwanted Entities
Do you know people that derailed their lives by using drugs
or alcohol and later on as you visited with them, they felt like
a totally different person? When people are under the effect
of narcotics and alcohol their chakras are completely open
making themselves vulnerable to entities or lower densities.
When this happens, a person may experience confusion and
erratic behaviors.

  • Body, mind and spiritual tune up.
  • Removal of energetic cords and attachments.
  • Lightbody cleansing and removal of energy blockages.
  • Soul loss recovery and possible entity removal.
  • Ancestral DNA Clearing.
  • Mental clarity, greater energy.
  • Feeling passionate and empowered.
  • Calmness, peace and joy.
December 4 & 5, 2010
Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm/9am - 5pm
Workshop Details at Geneva Point

Location:        Geneva Point, Lake Winnipesaukee
Address:         108 Geneva Point Road, Moultonborough, NH
Telephone:     603-253-4366
Hosted by:       Pierre Garreaud
Directions:       (Please call Geneva Point)
If you would like to host a group session at your community center or church, please call us at 603-581-2251.

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April 10, 2011        
Sunday 10am - 6pm
Workshop Description

Location:          Step Forward, LLC
Address:           Candia NH
Telephone:      603-483-0132
Hosted by:        Diane Lynn Gelinas
Directions:        (Please call Diane)