Two Day Weekend Workshop
In the Myth of the Garden of Eden reside the elements of how we descended from Paradise.
Understanding the elements and symbols of this story allows us to find the way back to that inner
place where Heaven and Earth meet.

We will journey back to the garden by working with the sacred feminine, by connecting with mother
earth, by working with the heart chakra, by healing and receiving two powerful Activations: The
Birth Rite Activation that connect us to our divine nature and  the Earth Rite Activation that
reincorporates "Eve" the Divine Feminine back into our soul being.

This is a powerful workshop for both men and women or couples. We will shift and release
structures that no longer serve us creating space for manifesting abundance, perfect health and a
path toward Oneness.
You will learn how to heal yourself and others by working with:

  • Fire:  The great alchemist. Learn how to clear and purify your luminous field and help create wellness in your physical and mental bodies.
  • Sound:  Tap into your personal sound. Use sound to remove blockages and raise consciousness. Experience profound and sacred chanting allowing
    yourself to connect and remember who you are.
  • Self Love Meditation:  Loving our lower selves allows us to climb the tree of life and connect to our higher selves.
  • Earth:  Experience the un-conditional love of mother earth, Pachamama, by working with her elements.
  • Despacho:  A group offering ritual to Mother Earth, This ancient pre Incan ritual is still performed by the Inca elders in the Andes of Peru. We will set
    intentions to assist you weave your dreams into being.
  • Karpay Activation: A sound healing session as well as two activations will be offered in order to reconnect the lost feminine into our beings allowing
    participants to re map their way back into the Sacred Garden.
Pierre was interviewed by a Canadian magazine on the subject of
"Return to the Sacred Garden.
Read the Interview
If you would like to host a group session at your community center or church, please call us at 603-581-2251.