December 4 & 5       
Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm
Workshop Description
Workshop Details at Geneva Point

Location:        Geneva Point, Lake Winnipesaukee
Address:         108 Geneva Point Road
Moultonborough, NH
Telephone:     603-253-4366
Hosted by:       Pierre Garreaud
Directions:       (Please call Geneva Point)
Shamanic Way for Manifesting Abundance through personal
transformation by using the primordial energy of the 4 elements.

Manifesting Abundance is a comprehensive workshop to create and manifest
abundance in your life by working with the elements of Fire, Water, Earth and
Air.  We will study the Inca Way of bringing ourselves into alignment with the
Earth, the Cosmos and our soul purpose so that  new realities can be created.  
You will learn how to use your breath to build the necessary amount of prana
energy that will fuel your creation into manifestation.  Abundance is only
possible through thought, positive emotions and vibrational energy.
We will look for subconscious imprints, hidden agendas, thought patterns,
mental habits and emotional behaviors that are constantly acting against us
sabotaging our capacity to manifest. We will  work energetically to dissolve
these blockages.

Materials and concepts that will be covered:
  • The power of words, affirmations, visualizations and mantras.
  • Creating positive Triggers of Awareness for staying in a magnetic state.
  • The power of Intention. Intention and Breath.
  • Aligning with your Soul purpose and talents.
  • Create within the energetics of the 28 day Moon Cycle.
  • Work with your Qosqo quechua word for your second chakra, building your Inner Fire.
  • Work with your third chakra, the throne of your own personal power.
  • We will review some of the concepts of the Law of Attraction
Despachos are an excellent tool to bring alignment, clearing
and for manifesting Abundance. Photo taken during an Ayni
Clebration workshop August 08, 2009 at Lake Winnisquam
If you would like to host a group session at your community center or church, please call us at 603-581-2251.
four rather  important events would have to occur before we could move:  we had to sell
our home, we had to find a home in NC;  that house needed to have a particular type of
internet service; and my husband had to be able to work from home with his current
employer.  Last 2009 spring we put our house on the market and received no offers, we
couldn’t find a home in NC with internet service and he could not get permission to work
from home.  We gave up and thought it would be impossible.

In February of this year, out of desperation, I took Pierre’s Manifesting Abundance
workshop.  I learned to bring myself into alignment with my goals and dreams by the use
of breath,  positive thinking and emotions, visualizations, meditation and daily rituals.  As
a group, we shared stories and insights.  Pierre was there to guide us and make sure we
stayed on the positive path .  We shared as a group and each one of us received
personal attention from Pierre.  I began to understand the law of attraction and found
the missing link that made the law of attraction work.  We again put our house on the
market and before the workshop was complete, we had a buyer and got our asking price
with no conditions.  In April, we moved to our new home in NC where my husband is
working from home at the same job he had in New England.  I highly recommend Pierre's
Manifesting Abundance workshop."
-Pam Mailloux
  • To create an abundant life.
  • To connect with your personal power.
  • To be in control of your life.
  • To shift your negative emotions into states of joy and
  • To eradicate negative mental states..
  • To be Happy, Healthy and Prosperous.

Manifesting Abundance is offered as follows:
  • Two day weekend workshop.
  • One full day a month for two months (Saturday or
  • Four to six classes every week (weekdays only).
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Jan 22 & 23, 2011_Tallahassee, FL
January 22 & 23, 2011        
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 6pm
Workshop Description

Location:           511 Beverly Street
Address:            Tallahassee, FL
Telephone:       850-509-9667
Hosted by:         Kamala Snow
Directions:         (Please call Kamala)

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February 19 & 20, 2011       
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 6pm
Workshop Description

Location:            All Creatures Center
Address:             86 Lawrence Colpitts Rd
City ST ZIP         Colpitts Settlement, Salisbury NB
Country               Canada
Telephone:        506-372-5098
Hosted by:          Dana Brouwer
Directions:         (Please call Dana)
Feb 19 & 20, 2011 New Brunswick, CA
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April 16 & 17, 2011 Ottawa CA
April 16 & 17, 2011        
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 6pm/9am - 5 pm
Workshop Description

Location:          2151 Prince of Wales Drive
Address:           Nepean, Ontario K2E 7A4
Telephone:       613-867-3485
Hosted by:        Tami Gariepy
Directions:         (Please call Tami)