The Universe came into existence through Light and Sound and so did we. Our molecules, cells and DNA structures are
at the core of our physical body, and when they are operating in tune, in harmony and in symmetry, then we are in
alignment with the flow of the Universe and
we become healthy.

By the use of Sound and Light the body meridians are opened allowing the “Chi/Qi” energy to move freely through the
body removing any blockages.

On a deeper level sound is the language of the soul. The sounds, melodies and the earth language performed during
the sessions are all inspired. The intention is to bypass the left-brain of the participants and directly connect to their Inner
Being, awakening memories of their original divine nature.

The sounds created help the participants Resonate to the higher frequencies being brought in during Sacred Ceremony
allowing them to go on an inner journey through the realms of the Soul. These realms, on the other hand act as mirrors,
reflecting back to the receiver an aspect of themselves that was unknown bringing joy, happiness, tears of grace and
feelings of wholeness. As a result, these states of Being-ness, of high vibration, realign and integrate all aspects of the
Body, Mind and Soul. The Light of our Creator is brought in for healing and all chakras are realigned and tuned up.

Sound Light Healing can be experienced in a one on one session or in a group.