The Soul Retrieval  Healing Process is a journey to discover the original wounding and old unconscious agreements
that derailed our ability to fully live our destiny.  Hidden gifts are retrieved and new conscious agreements are made that
free us to make our contribution to the world now.

Soul Retrieval leads us on a journey back to our Core Self. During the process we search for the source of soul-loss; an
original wounding that derailed your life off track. You will learn to change the soul contracts that keep you fettered to this
wound and to create a new map to live by. Soul retrieval allows an individual to recover their essential grace, and to
retrieve innate gifts they can bring back to the world. We will work with Archetypes that are ancient structures of the
psyche - archaic myths as well as forces of nature recognized by both physicists and shamans. We will discover how
mythic maps shape and inform your life, and create ceremony to bring these deep undercurrents into balance.

Understanding Soul Loss
Our soul or “essence” is a delicate energy that nurtures and energizes us. However, physical trauma and/or emotional
fright can cause pieces to break off and “flee”. This is known as the self’s “coping mechanism” in crisis. The result is a
loss of vitality, feelings of being ungrounded or even unlovable and an inability to be comfortable and fully “at home” with