Lead by Shaman Pierre Garreaud

Each year as the summer approaches, excitement and anticipation builds as the days draw closer to the
launch of my sacred tour to Peru. I was preparing to welcome ten spiritually committed men and
women, many advanced healers eager to drink in the magic and mysticism of the Andes.

As this extraordinary group of lightworkers and healers began to prepare for their journey of deep inner
transformation and adventure I completed the final details of the tour.

We arrived in Cuzco, and met up with Vilma Pinedo, my favorite young local shaman, daughter of my
mentor and friend Don Martin. As we gathered together and got acquainted with each
other, we became the 12 light travelers seeking great connection with Mother Earth Pachamama.
We visited with the powerful guardians of the Andes, the great Apus –the sacred mountains- and paid great
respect to them in sacred ceremony. We walked with respect and humbleness, offered our prayers in
sacred colorful despacho-mandalas. Our tightly bonded group set deep intentions to heal mother earth and
to uplift the planet’s consciousness.  

Each day the group deepened in their awareness and connection to the powerful Andes. Their gifts as
healers, seers, clairvoyants and energy workers opened to reveal profound revelations as they tuned in to
the strong energy vortexes the Andes are known for.

The more in tune we became to the elements and the more we prayed, we observed the elements
responding to us, acknowledging our presence. Every time we finished ceremony father wind -wayra viento-
responded to our prayers and the eagles followed fluttering their wings high in the sky.

The beautiful complex of Machu Picchu was built in the center of a breathtaking natural convergence of mountains. It is first surrounded by the Vilcanota river
almost completing a full circle. Then further beyond the river, the vista expands to a whole circle of mountains and then behind it another circle of higher
mountains serving as guardians and protectors of this natural earth marvel. The three circles, one of water and two of mountains hold space for Machu Picchu,
Huayna Picchu and right across sits a very unique mountain called Apu Putucusi.

When you see this sacred geometry from up above Machu Picchu you understand why the Incas decided to build this majestic complex which fully represents the
expression of the Inca’s spiritual belief system, and the concepts of their Andean Cosmology.

The Vilcanota River represents the mother snake sachamama. Huayna Picchu represents the ferocious jaguar and the Condor is depicted by a small mountain
before entering Huayna Picchu as well as by the shape of the entire citadel complex. Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu and Putucusi inside the circle of mountains
mirrors the trilogy concept of the Andean Cosmology.
Machu Picchu

It was our fourth day of the tour and by this time our light bodies were fully energized and expanded. We
had taken the early train to Machu Picchu and had arrived at our destination. We passed the entrance
control and started walking up to the left, towards the Inca trail looking for a spectacular view of Machu
Picchu and Huayna Picchu. Soon after we took in these breathtaking views we sat together in circle for
sacred ceremony. We offered prayers of respect, honored the sacred grounds and asked for permission to
be allowed to enter the City of Light, to be allowed the gift of having an extraordinary experience.

We anchored our circle’s light and love as we deep seeded an amethyst star tetrahedron with all our
prayers in the belly of Machu Picchu. We were vibrating, chanting, expanding in joy, in gratitude, creating
and aligning with others, visible and invisible ones with one thought in mind and heart: “to bring higher
consciousness to the planet”.

Our hands were fused to each other shaking and vibrating with accelerated intensity. We received the
energy of the place as an act of reciprocity, perfect “ayni” and continued our descent towards the
Intihuatana, the solar clock of Machu Picchu. This sacred land had granted us permission to walk in light
above the city of rocks.

As we started our descent, Kim a talented healer and gifted seer was “given a message”, the group had to
find a hidden key to open an energetic gateway. Because Kim is clairvoyant, we all expected the message
to have come from the invisible worlds, from one of her spirit guides, but no, the message came as a text
message directly from her homeland in Canada. Her cell phone was working in Machu Picchu, how

It was Kim’s 18year old nephew also a seer, who had channeled this powerful message. We had just
finished setting intentions in the upper terrace of the complex and immediately after, we were being guided
to engage our extra sensorial abilities and walk Machu Picchu in a different perceptual state.

There was an energetic key we had to find and unlock for what purpose we were not told.

We had to trust.

The whole group got excited and signed up for the mission to uncover the mystery of locating the magical
key through the complex city of massive stones that make up Machu Picchu. The energy between all 12
participants synchronized in magical ways; everyone allowed their intuition, angels and spirit guides to
reveal information to guide the journey.
We visited Apu Veronica -the sacred mountain that weeps- it was cold, foggy and cloudy. As we reached the top of Abra Malaga and prepared for ceremony we
hoped to get a glimpse of the beautiful mountain hidden behind the clouds. We started chanting, praying and working on our despacho-mandala with Don
Ricardo, honoring the space and raising our vibration. As we found deep connections within and aligned with Veronica, the Mary Magdalen Mountain, the skies
opened up and there she was showing her face to us. The sun was shining, warming us and drying the tears that some of us had brought to release. Our hearts
opened up as a gift from the Apu.

Being in the Andes of Cuzco, visiting sacred sites and working with powerful shamans prepared us for what would be the apex of our trip, Machu Picchu.
When we reached the first bottom level of Machu Picchu and before we started climbing toward the solar clock, we entered an area of boulders distributed in odd
positions. As some of us were feeling the energy of this section a tour guide with a group stopped and told his people that this section was left undone by the Incas.

“This was the place the Incas used for cutting the perfect stones you see all over this complex. These big boulders were left unfinished”. He said.

Chris, a naturopathic doctor nodded her head in disapproval and said. “This doesn’t feel right, this area was used for a totally different purpose”.

We all looked at each other and decided to explore this area as a group, feeling, sensing and connecting with the rocks as if an invisible hand was working
through the tour guide to make us pay attention and directing us not to continue up the mountain but to stay and explore this area. Was the key to be found at this
While walking through the circle of boulders we were curiously exchanging information about the real
purpose of this area. I started noticing that some of the boulders were positioned strategically and their
profiles matched the shapes of some of the important Apus belonging to the circle of mountains
surrounding the complex. We walked back from the boulders, squat down and matched each rock with
the mountain it represented far behind. This was obviously not a place where they cut the boulders into
perfect symmetrical stones for the use of building the citadel but for something much more important.

After staying in this area and encouraging feedback from the group, we came to the conclusion that this
circle of boulders has been an ancient sacred ground even prior to Machu Picchu, built by an earlier
culture and worked in a similar way as Stonehenge. The circle of boulders’ purpose was to capture the
energy of the Sacred Apus that surrounded the complex, acting as a charging battery. We believed the
intent was to capture and distribute the energy through the ley lines or grid lines as well as for the
purpose of performing sacred initiations.

Kim, David and I stayed a little longer at this location while the group led by Vilma continued up to the
solar clock. At this point, I had moved away from the circle of boulders and my attention was drawn to a
big rectangular boulder. This stone was also in the area but not part of the circle, but somehow, had a
very special purpose.

As I felt and investigated this big rock I decided to look on top of it. The boulder was a little slanted at the
top and pointed towards Huayna Picchu. To my surprise, I was able to see on the top, in the center of the
boulder, was some kind of inscription. Was this the key we were searching for? Immediately, I called
David who was leaving the boulder circle and asked him to touch the rock, to feel it, and to track
information or messages the rock was revealing. I was sure not to let him know about the inscription I
had seen on top.
He sensed it and without hesitation responded. “I think this rock is the Key, Pierre!”

Right after that, I asked David to get on top of another rock to further view the inscription I
had seen at the top and again he said “Pierre, I think this is it, we found it”. Kim come
here we need you”.

As Kim joined us, again we did not reveal what we had discovered. We ran her through
the same test and she immediately responded with excitement. “This is the key! This is
the key, we found it!”

When we showed Kim the carved inscription she wanted to climb on top of the rock and
move the key energetically. By this time we realized all the guards at Machu Picchu
were positioned strategically in different towers looking at us perhaps wondering if we
were going to climb onto the rock.

We knew better, and played it safe. We regrouped with the others and exchanged
information and we all decided together to turn the key with our energy and intent, so we
returned to the big boulder. We all positioned ourselves around the big rock and
focused our attention and intention in connecting and activating the energy of this big

Kim, positioned herself facing the sun and touching the rock with her back and hands.
Dave took the back of the rock, supporting and balancing the female energy and the rest
of the group faced forward touching the rock with their body and hands.

I was guided to chant and vibrate with the rock and expand the field for all of us. I lifted
my two hands up in the air putting my hands together to form a triangle above Kim’s
third eye allowing the sunlight to penetrate. As I chanted and vibrated I expanded my
field. I noticed a group of 20 people enter the area respectful of our process.  The
guards were still carefully watching us.

As I held the vibrational space, Kim started having REM reactions (rapid eye
movements) downloading light data.  Energetically we began to move the key. The
sunlight was entering Kim’s third eye; she was being initiated by the Apus.
Kim immediately called David and they both switched places. We aligned with the male and
female energies of the place in alignment with the Masantin and Yanatin concepts of the
Andean cosmology, which is similar to the Chinese Yin and Yan concepts.

David positioned himself in the same way Kim did and I started chanting and directing the
sunlight to his third eye. David went into an inner trance as the chants allowed him to relax
and the sunlight moved through a phi stone into his third eye. The field created by all of us
with the boulder began to expand. David started shaking as he began to receive light
information; the moment got very intense and then returned to calmness. The wind moved in
with another twirl and we knew we were done.

We moved the key! Kim exclaimed. “I saw a star light coming out from the boulder and it
moved straight into Huayna Picchu. We have to go there, something will reveal itself in that

We had certainly moved something energetically within the boulder and within ourselves.
Some of us felt the rock moving, some felt they emerged into the rock.

What we didn’t know was that an energetic portal was already set in place for all of us to
experience the following day’s journey down at the Temple of the Moon as we entered the
sacred mountain of Huayna Picchu.

Little did we know what we were going to experience the following day.
The Temple of The Moon

The following day we rose early to embark on our journey to Huayna Picchu.  Somehow we
missed the targeted time of 6:00am and didn’t get our tickets stamped. By the time we
reached the control post at Huayna Picchu the guard looked at our ticket and said he could
only allow us to go in if there was nobody else in line with a stamped ticked.  He moved us to
the side and moved along other ticked visitors. There are only 600 people allowed to enter
Huayna Picchu each day and by the time we got there they were already reaching the day’s
capacity. Suddenly, the guard turned toward us and said:
“Okay, everybody sign the welcoming book. Today is your lucky day!”

Smiling we all knew indeed today would be a lucky day!

As we entered Huayna Picchu excitement among the group was building.  We began to trek
the majestic yet steep mountain. I stopped the group and demonstrated how to breathe
through our qosqo, the belly’s second chakra so that we could expand our light bodies by the
time we reached the Temple.

In order to get to the Temple of the Moon you have to climb two thirds of Huayna Picchu and
then veer around to the other side of the mountain. We did our qosqo breathing as we
climbed the big uneven steps and later on while descending down to the temple. We deeply
connected with the elements, our breath synchronized with the cicada’s sounds.
The hummingbirds and butterflies flew side by side with us while moving through the deep green and
vibrant foliage. The space was changing with every step we took, everything was becoming alive; the
mountain was welcoming us.

Intuitively I knew I had to move ahead of the group, I knew I had to prepare the space, clear it, bless it and
vibrate with it. I literally ran down the mountain. I reached the temple fifteen minutes before the group. I
swiftly got to work opened sacred space and prepared the temple for ceremony.

I sang and vibrated with the Temple, talked and connected with the moon rock and the portal started to
open. The Temple was vibrating, fully awakened, ready to receive my group of travelers. One by one they
started appearing through the rain forest foliage, scaling down the mountain at intervals of 2 minutes
between each other.

I was singing passionately as they all entered the Temple of the Moon very quietly. One by one, they walked
in with reverence sensing, feeling, connecting and knowing exactly what to do. They all found their own
place, a rock, a window; the perfect space to go within and travel. The sacred Temple of the Moon
embraced all of them as if she had been waiting for her children to return for the longest time.

There was a mist of magic in the air, a thinning of the veil and our time space continuum started to change
and morph. A sudden opening through different timelines began to occur as I held space vibrating my
voice inside the cave.

These healers visited life times were they lived in this temple; some were priests and teachers, some
communed with the jaguars in the cave. Some remembered all of us living together in Lemurian times and
others downloaded data, frequencies, and memories at the speed of light. We all cried for different
reasons, some because of joy and happiness, others because of releasing wounds from this life or from
past lives, or some just cried because of the intensity of the light energy quotient that was being

Our visit to the Temple of the Moon intensified with each individual’s personal transformation. Each one of
us experienced changes at multiple levels. Information was revealed to contemplate, to process, to digest
and to integrate for the next months to come.

A sense of wholeness and a sense of knowingness resided deep within us. We experienced peace for
ourselves and for all of humanity. Our hearts were warmed to the core.

We had asked for this experience when we first entered Machu Picchu; to connect with the city of Light. Our
experience brought more than that, finding and moving the key had allowed us to cross the timelines, to
connect to this land, to connect with ancient memories but most of all, we had received a gift, a powerful
gift, a blueprint that would allow others to experience the City of Light residing in Machu Picchu.
We left Machu Picchu that day with a sense of completeness in total awe, we left our prayers, our “kintus”
offerings in between the rock crevices, in hidden altars. We prayed for humanity, we prayed for the children.
We birthed new consciousness from our hearts.

The wind twirled around us in a beautiful spiral and we knew one more time, our prayers had been heard.
We had all contributed co-creating with our Creator in making this planet a better place. Om, Amen, Ho!

Special thanks to Michael Hamel for documenting our Tour with great photography and HD V