Healing is also available over the phone, also known as distant or remote healing. Sound Light Healing, Illuminations
and Soul Retrieval are some of the healing modalities available over the phone.

Energy and intent is not constrained by the limitations of time and space. Energy  directed with powerful  intent can  help
a client release stress, emotions, mental burdens or negative energy.

I will help you shift from one state of being to a healthier and balanced state where you can experience feeling SAFE and
RELAX. From this new place you will be able to create possibilities, dreams and manifest  a new future.

Distant healing is available for you. Please call today for more information.
To fully experience the benefit of a Sound Healing by phone I recommend connecting through SKYPE on the Internet.  
You need to get a Logitech headset with a USB connector. The quality of this kind of connection is more superior than
the regular telephone.

For the Sound Light Healing session you will be resting comfortably on your back, breathing deeply, and relaxing.
Having your hands free and not holding the telephone allows you to go within and not be distracted.

Please select a quiet space a in your home and disconnect any other telephones, alarms and additional sounds that
might distract your attention from your inner process.
Purchase a package of private
sessions that best suits your needs.
We are experiencing times of change and with change there are opportunities and possibilities for success.
Understanding your true nature brings comfort and safety. Experiencing a deep connection with God and nature builds
empowerment and safety.

We can create a mentoring program especially designed for the individual.  Mentoring includes setting
up goals,  strategies and plans of action. The programs vary depending on the individual. There is a need to commit to
a process of 5 sessions minimum to allow for deep, profound change and integration.

Mentoring Options
Healing Intensive: designed for individuals in need to heal core issues that negatively affects their reality.
Awakening Intensive: designed for individuals interested in expanding their consciousness and deepening their
soul      connections to our Creator. Kundalini activations.
Shamanic Training: designed for individuals interested in learning and expanding their healing abilities
through              shamanism.
Select a Session or Package