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Price: US$90.00 + Shipping
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This is Pierre's preferred drum, imported from Asia.  It is
perfect for singing with and singing to, as the drum
resonates in a low tone.  Singing into the drum helps
you find resonance and harmony with energetic
blockages thereby allowing you to break up and clear
the unneeded energies.  

Another reason Pierre selected this drum is because it is
very lightweight so you can be in ceremony for hours
and not tire your arm.  

A Non Profit Organization actively helping Villages in the Andes of Peru by raising their social-economical status

To create self sufficient communities in the Andes by implementing technical centers, art craft businesses and
Waldorf schools. By investing in the children's education and by helping develop marketable art craft skills, Children
of the Andes will support the villagers with new sources of income to better their way of life.

50/50 Partnership:

Children of the Andes is committed to designing projects and strategies for the development of Andean
communities. We are partnering with the local villagers who are providing land, skilled labor and other forms of
assistance working together to accomplish our goals. Our big objective is to create awareness and responsibility
within the community to convey the importance of having a great EDUCATION. As we help the villagers with their
manufacturing and marketing skills they will support and invest in their children’s education.

Children of the Andes believes that teaching the children in Waldorf inspired schools as well as training the parents
technological skills  will create a self-sufficient socio economic community.


Children of the Andes was founded by Pierre Garreaud in 2005. Since the day we started, we have formed a
partnership with visionary Peruvian Waldorf School teacher, Lourdes Jibaja Stevens.

Through the determined efforts of Lourdes, we started our first classroom in 2005 with 24 students.  Our school was
based in the village of Taray, located on the other side of the Vilcanota river next to the town of Pisac in the region of
Cuzco, Peru.

During the first 3 years of existence, Lourdes worked arduously against all odds. We had a politician who was
elected as the "Alcalde" of Taray who decided to close the school because it was creating independent thinking in
the children. In 2010 the school disappeared under one of the worst  winter storms in the area. A mudslide
swallowed the school into the river.

But Lourdes continued with determination, passion and love for her children. The school relocated to the nearby
town of Pisac's community center. At this point our school classroom was reduced to 16 children.

As the children, under the directions and pedagogy of Lourdes Jibaja started to get more and more attention from
the community of Pisac, a local family stepped forward to support our dream. A parcel of land was donated and the
community built the physical structure for our Waldorf Inspired School. Our efforts finally paid off when many others
joined in supporting this enterprise and the "Kusi Kausay" Waldorf School was established.


After 8 years of hard work and knowing that  the school was running flawlessly,  Lourdes and husband, Martin
Stevens, decided to embark on a new project, but this time in a more remote location in the Rain Forest of Peru.

Lourdes and Martin moved to village of Sauce, Tarapoto in the region of San Martin, Peru with the goal of forming a
Community Education Center and a Waldorf School in Sauce and also a Waldorf School in a very remote Shipibo
territory inside the Rain Forest..

Last year, the Estrellita del Sur Waldorf inspired school in Sauce was established. The Art Craft Center is currently
being built at the moment. Classes have already started in Ceilan, Shipibo territory.


Lourdes, Martin along with volunteers Christina, Corinna and Inti have been hard at work this year creating the new
permanent headquarters for Estrella del Sur.  They have put in an enclosed garden, built an access bridge for the
front and raised funds to pay for local workers to build walls and start the roof.  Thanks again to friends who have
contributed to this endeavor.

When finished, this Waldorf-based  and UNESCO-recognized community education center will have one large
classroom, two small multi-purpose rooms, a bathroom, outdoor covered kitchen and area for woodworking and
other crafts.  The idea is for this center to act as a pilot project for bringing the Waldorf approach out into the
developing world. We also host a weekly club for seniors which is very well attended as there is nothing similar in
this community.

Now we are in the process of raising funds to finish the project and an estimated $10,000 US is needed.  As soon as
the funds become available, the center will be up and running.  It will be great to move out of our present small
building and into this much larger facility.  


Your financial donations and continued moral support have allowed us to be empowered through difficult moments.
In the name of Lourdes and Martin Stevens and myself we deeply  appreciate your support.

Pierre Garreaud
Children of The Andes
Children of the Andes 501(C)3
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